Pinterest is now the 4th biggest social network in terms of monthly users. It is of particular interest to online retailers as the psychology of the platform is all about the aspiration to buy. But yet still many businesses are passing it over in favour of Facebook and Twitter, despite the fact that Pinterest purchasers spend 7 times higher per purchase than their Facebook brethren.

So in this post, for those of you who are new to the platform, I’ll give you 10 easy ways to get started. Simple steps to build your following and to get Pinterest working hard for you.

1. Feature your Pinterest presence on your website. How will your customers know to follow you on Pinterest if you don’t make a big deal out of it on your site? Make sure you have the Pin It widgets installed and display your boards on the front page of your site. Make it easy to extract images from your site for Pinterest so that visitors can easily pin your products.

2. Follow other Pinterest users. Start by following your existing contacts using the email merge feature. Follow relevant people in your field. Follow relevant people in your target demographics.

3. Make sure your pins are pretty. With Pinterest, always aim for visual excellence. Don’t use photos taken on your phone, use professional, high quality photos. Either hire a good photographer (preferable), or if you can’t afford that, buy high quality stock images.

4. Aim for viral pins. The most popular pins on Pinterest are beautiful, educational, inspirational, useful or funny. With every pin, consider if your pin achieves any of these goals, and if not, reconsider and try again.

5. Check the link-backs. Every pin has a link back to the source. With your pins, make sure that every pin links back to the relevant page on your website and that those links are kept up to date.

6. Interact with popular people. Comment, like and repin their pins to get the attention of them, and the people that follow them.

7. Add a ‘Follow Us On Pinterest’ button to your email sig. It’s a great way to encourage everyone you have contact with to follow your account. Add it to your order confirmation emails too.

8. Be choosy with your names. When naming your boards, make them sound as appealing as possible. Instead of ‘Ladies Dresses’ think ‘Party Frocks To Impress’. Create desire in every board you have.

9. Get involved in the wider community. Post valuable, interesting comments on pins featuring on the Pinterest homepage or pins in the popular categories that fit your demographic.

10. Keep at it. Pinterest is a long haul platform. Keep pinning daily to build a steady interest in your brand. But it will be worth it!

I hope that gives you a starting point for your venture into the Pinterest world. I’d love to hear any comments or feedback you might have, so please leave them in the comments section below.

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