8 Week, step by step, LIVE and interactive training program that takes you from fuzzed up with your messaging and copywriting to creating a totally LAUNCHABLE ad.


I chose to call this program LAUNCHABLE because that's the benchmark you should be measuring your ad script and video against at this stage of your online business journey.

Will it be a perfectly scripted tear jerker?

probs not.

Will it wow Hollywood with it's top notch production?


Will it it knock Tai Lopez off his high marketing horse?

No mate.

So why buy?

Because it will get you moving forwards in your business and closer to your goals, and in order to get results, your ad doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be LAUNCHABLE.

So what exactly is 'LAUNCHABLE', in your opinion ,Caroline?

LAUNCHABLE means your script, and video ad, is :

  • Niche enough to stand out
  • Bridged properly to the product
  • Detailed and covering everything important
  • Paced so it holds engagement

And that's it. That's my idea of a LAUNCHABLE ad

And this can be achieved through:

  • Ironing out your messaging fuzz
  • Learning the important features and benefits of the product
  • Applying a universal copywriting structure to your script
  • Understanding how to cut the fluff

Which is exactly what I'll be teaching you in this 8 week program through:

  • LIVE weekly training calls
  • Access to the Exclusive LAUNCHABLE Community
  • Fortnightly LIVE Q&A's
  • One Ad Script Review
  • One Video Ad Review
  • Worksheets and all the jazzy printables.


There are four bonus sessions included in this program that cover your post launch (so it's basically a 12 week program if you really think about it)

  • How to rewrite the Email Follow-up Templates for your own unique message
  • How to best shoot a Thank You Page Video to drive clicks to the highly converting webinar
  • How to position yourself on social media to create authority and grow organically


  • Special 'Bidding Strategies for Beginners' Workshop led by Dan Holloway

So, you ready to get LAUNCHABLE?