Refocus your lens

Look at the closest window pane. No really, do it. Take notice of any watermarks or scratches.

Now, look through it, to the scene behind. Readjusting your focus to behold something that was always there, just unobserved. A new reality.

You just refocused your vision, as if a tiny person in your retina, responding to your command, twisted the bulky black tubular lenses of your eyes, like a pair of binoculars – only much faster, the equipment, much smaller – to alter your perspective.

But it wasn’t a tiny person in your retina, it was you.

All you. 

When did you start taking this skill for granted? The ability to change the reality you view with the slightest adjustment, that, if you were asked how you did it, you wouldn’t be able to say, you’re that much of an expert. So much so, you’ve forgotten you’re an expert at all; negating your keen ability in mechanical engineering in favour of telling yourself that you’re unremarkable.

In reality, you’re the most complicated and intricately designed piece of machinery in existence. But more than that, you are the designer, the creator and the engineer of that equipment. But you can’t see it.

You’re too busy looking at watermarks and scratches on the surface.