Hey, I’m Caroline Antonia, former ‘survival-mode’ operator and now; happy, calm, settled, secure, online business owner with an actual passive income and the 5 Steps to Breaking Free From Survival Mode when You’re Living Paycheque-to-Paycheque guide that I myself have been through, and that I recommend anyone looking to create more financial freedom in their life follow also.


Step 1: Become aware of what the real problem is

If you’re someone who thinks you’re a victim of circumstance, and you’re not prepared to accept responsibility for your current life situation, this blog is not for you.

The first step to breaking free from ‘survival mode’ when you’re living paycheque to paycheque is to recognise that you have created this reality because you wanted it more than you wanted anything else.

Whether that’s because:

  • you’re afraid of failure and are too paralysed to start anything


  • You’re afraid of success – in case your friends and family and loved ones might judge you


  • Or you’re just unsure of what else is available and have opted for what’s easy, not what’s right for you


Then this is for you because you’re at least prepared to take responsibility for your circumstances. You’ve created this, something in you wanted this, and only you can change this.


Step 2: Get really pissed off with what you want to change

We’ve accepted that it’s actually our own fault for having created this life for ourselves because it’s what we somehow wanted most, even if it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, ie: living paycheque to paycheque, but the actions that we needed to take to get us here were favourable to anything else we considered, or perhaps lack of action.

So now it’s time to get really pissed off with what’s not working in your life, otherwise, you won’t want to change enough, and since we get what we most want, like really want and obsess about, lets get really pissed off about what we don’t want, to spin our focus towards the direction of change because even if we don’t know what we want, we do know that we want something new when what we’ve got is making us miserable.

That way, even if you don’t know what the outcome is, you’re taking steps towards positive change.

Maybe you’re thinking:

  • I miss seeing my Mum regularly, my family, my friends, doing things just for fun rather than need and habit

  • I’m sick of being stuck at an actual job, in a physical place, just going through the motions, but not being able to afford a break

  • I’m sick of living hand to mouth, it’s not sustainable. If one thing goes wrong, like the car breaking perhaps, then I’m in real trouble. It’s horrible having that hanging over me


Do you get that tight knot in your stomach, that horrible foreboding tension that makes you just want to give up and throw the towel in?


Aggravate it

Keep pushing it until you feel like you’re finished, like it’s game over, like you’re at the very edge… it’s painful, but it’s worth it.


Step 3: Implement a positive image in its place

Once you’ve created enough pain, once you’re properly scared, once you’re at that place where you know you can’t keep this facade up anymore (which will happen sooner or later anyway) start focusing on what you do want. Focus on the opposite of your problems, start focusing on the ideal outcome.

such as;

  • Time freedom, to be around your friends and family when you want to be there!
  • Financial abundance, to have a passive income, or at least one that’s more efficient and less draining so you can earn a lot but work a little
  • Geographic freedom, so you don’t have to be in a specific place at a specific time. You can just open your laptop, do a bit of work, and then I dunno, go surfing for the day


Are you picturing it? What your ideal outcome looks like?

Step 4: Pay attention to what the world presents you with in response to this intention

Luckily for me when I was first feeling this way, living in ‘survival mode’ of paycheque-to-paycheque living, I was “surprisingly” bombarded with adverts and content from marketers and online education programs, promising to help me create time and financial freedom by learning the skills to build an online business.

You’ll probably experience something similar, it’s as if Google knows what we’re searching for, or something… so it’s handy having all this information presented to us… even if it is a little bit creepy and 1984.


Step 5: Pick an opportunity carefully

It will only take you about an hour of digging around these opportunities to really identify that not all online businesses are born equal and that it’s important for you not to jump in without investigating first. For example, there are certain online business programs out there that actually encourage their members to create negative reviews about their competitors, even if it’s a valuable program.

This, for me, is just living in a scarcity mindset. If you’re trying to escape ‘survival mode’ that happens when you’re living paycheque to paycheque, you might be tempted by Get-Quick-Rich-Schemes, and people offering these kinds of scams, but if you are a little more patient and considering then you’ll avoid these as they’ll only make your scarcity worse.

The company I came on board with to learn affiliate marketing and how to scale an online business, were victims of this kind of fake-news propaganda, but their reaction to this was what caught my attention.

Rather than hitting back, putting more negativity into the world, they ignored it and decided to use it as an opportunity to create free, high-value content that their potential subscribers and members could review for themselves before ever spending a penny. 

This FREE Four Part Workshop is an example of the level of value and the quality of education that this company creates. This is for anyone who’s interested in learning how to get going with an online business, from scratch, no matter what your background or experience is in.

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